Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sound System Changes

Earlier this year we upgraded our stage monitor system with 2 powered NX55P speakers. This allows us to have 5 monitors on stage without the band having to haul in extra equipment. After using the system for the past 2 months in various ways we have decided to make the following changes.
We are moving from 4 monitor mixes to 5, the mid/high speakers will become stereo.

The changes are marked on the mixer, snake and amp rack.

1 Group mix - drums
2 Group mix - instruments
3 Group mix - vocals
4 Monitor mix 4
5 Monitor mix 5
6 Monitor mix 6
7 Monitor mix 7
8 Monitor mix 8
9 Effects mix
10 Subwoofer mix
Stereo - mid/high left and right
Stereo2 - recording (when recording mixer not used)
Matrix 1 - recording house mix
Matrix 2 - camera (when recording mixer not used)

Subs - blue (2 subs or sub left)
Mid/Hi Left - white
Mid/Hi Right - black
Monitor Mix 4 - red (EV speaker or sub right)
Monitor Mix 5 - yellow (EV speaker)
Monitor Mix 6 - green (EV speaker)
Monitor Mix 7 -powered speaker
Monitor Mix 8 - powered speaker

QSC LEFT - mono subs or sub mix left (blue)
QSC RIGHT - monitor 4 or sub mix right (red)
Yamaha P2100
A - monitor mix 5 (yellow)
B - monitor mix 6 (green)
Yamaha P2200
A - mid/hi left (white)
B - mid/hi right (black)

Example setups
5 monitors (4EV,5EV,6EV,7powered,8powered)
Subs both on QSC Left
Stereo mid/hi

4 monitors (5EV,6EV,7 powered,8 powered)
Subs one each on QSC connected with Y-cable
Stereo mid/hi

Please note that mix 4 should be used last as it does not have a dedicated equalizer and may be prone to feedback problems.

Using the stereo mix feature requires several things, one that a channel be set to stereo not to group (the pan control comes after the stereo switch not before).
Example would be when using sax on far right of stage, you could pan it to the left to balance the sound.
However groups can be panned left or right.

On April 17 I will hold a Saturday morning practice for those who wish to learn more and try things out in a more relaxed setting.


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